What Is Link Building?
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What Is Link Building?

In the world of search engine marketing, link building refers to specific activities aimed at improving the quantity and quality of external links to a specific page with the aim of elevating that page’s search engine ranking. It is an essential marketing tool because it provides search engines with a list of web sites that are associated with one or more keywords and also helps search engines evaluate the relevance of the page being linked to. Links have become one of the most important tools for internet marketing because this has now become one of the main ways for search engines to rank web pages.

So what is link building all about? Link building involves creating inbound links from relevant web sites and this requires considerable amount of time, effort and research on part of the person engaging in link building activity. The process of creating quality inbound links has become very complicated now with the introduction of social networking, blogs and content directories. But the basic purpose remains the same which is to create high-quality inbound links for better ranking in search engines.

A good example of link building can be seen in link exchange or guest posting. A lot of people are engaging into guest posting in order to improve their rankings in search engines. Guest posting is a method wherein a web site owner would write an article related to the theme of his site and then allow another web site to have a copy of the article along with backlinks from the writer. Because the writer’s resource box is attached with the article, search engines see the link and give the page higher rankings.

Another effective link building technique is called anchor text link. This is a way wherein the link is constructed with the use of anchor text. Anchor text is basically the term given to hyperlinked words or phrases. For example, if you are looking for information on how to get rid of belly fat, you might type in weight loss link at Google. The result will be a page where you can find numerous links providing you with different ways to lose belly fat.

One important thing about link building is that it must have a higher impact on search engines. There is no benefit of creating a lot of one-way links if it does not have the capability to increase the ranking of the site. In other words, search engines penalize sites that have many inbound links coming from very indirect sources such as directory submission or manual penalty. On the other hand, manual penalty could lead to banning a web site from the index altogether. That is why link building techniques should have a greater impact on search engines.

Link building techniques such as articles, forums, blogs, press releases, news letters, forums and more are all valuable tools for SEO. Even though these tools take some time to produce tangible results, it is worth linking to and ranking high for. Link building does not only improve your personal ranking but also improves the standing of your business. So, is what is link building worth linking to and ranking for?